Smart Helmet Mountain Bike


LIVALL: One of the leader of global smart sport accessories industries, focus and lead a smart riding accessories research and building online community through phone application. 

Since LIVALL was born in 2014, has gained many honors and approvals: nominated on the General Final list of CES “Last Gadget Standing”, debuted at IFA exhibition in Berlin, 2016 EUROBIKE, and more.

LIVALL has applied for 109 patents at home and abroad, 7 software copyrights and 15 international PCT patents.


Easier to be spot on the road, 8 full-color LED tail lights, wireless turn signals for left or right indicators, are some of the features that will make you feel safe while riding.


On the road – with the advanced Bluetooth speaker –  you will enjoy a high quality music without the help of any other device. You can also make a clearly call and protect personal privacy without interrupting the cycling experience. 

Use your walkie-talkie function on the LIVALL Riding APP, and without distance limits, on the mountain terrain – even with complex environments – you can achieve a proper communication between your riding group.

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