We value your privacy.  This privacy policy informs you of your choices and our practices regarding any information you provide to us.

Your use of our services may involve the collection and use of your information (as defined in the "information we collect and how we collect it" section in segment 3 of this privacy policy) on our services (mobile app: LIVALL RIDING).

It is important that you understand how your information is collected and how you can control this access to your information.

This privacy policy will provide you with the necessary information.

By using our services, you agree that we may collect, use and share your information in accordance with this privacy policy, which is revised from time to time.


This privacy policy applies to all of our services as defined above.


When providing our services, we collect, store and use the following information related to you: By "Information" we mean personal and non-personal information;

"Personal information" is any information or combination of information that relates to you and that can be used to identify you.

Personal information may include the following:

  • Information you provide to us when you open an account or use our services, such as your name, phone number, email address
  • Information you provide to us when you open an account or use our services, such as your name, phone number, and email address
  • Information that you make available to our services as you use them, including shared information that you make available to others through our services and information that you store using our services
  • Shared information that other people who use our services make available about you, such as the information contained in the publications they make and the communications they send to you and other people who use our services.
  • Information we collect as you use our services, such as certain location data and registration data and public information.

"Location data" is information we collect regarding your location (when you use a location-enabled service), including:

  • The location of your device when you use our services, such as GPS, WiFi, compass, accelerometer, or other sensors on your mobile device;
  • The IP address of the Internet device or service you use to access our services, other information provided by you or others that gives an indication of where you are or have been located
  • Account information, which indicates where you are and shared information that you or others post indicating your location, such as any geotag information that is added to the photos you provide us;  And if you have previously provided us with your location data and you want us to delete such existing location data, you can do so through our services.

"Log data" is technical information that we collect automatically when you use our services, either through the use of cookies, web beacons, and log files (as explained in more detail in the section "Cookies, web beacons, and log files. "below) or otherwise, including:

  • Technical information such as your mobile phone operator, configuration information available through your web browser or other programs you use to access our services, your IP address and the version of your device and identification number.
  • Information about what you have searched for and viewed while using our services, such as web search terms used, social media profiles visited, and details of other information and content that you access or request when using our services
  • Information about the communications you have made using our services, such as the people with whom you have communicated and the time, data and duration of your communications;  and metadata, which means information related to the items you have made available through our services, such as the date, time, or location where a shared photo or video was taken or posted.

“Non-Personal Information” is any information that relates to you but from which you cannot be directly or indirectly identified, including Personal Information in aggregate, anonymous, or pseudonymized form.

"Shared Information" is information about you or related to you that is voluntarily shared on our services, including postings that you make on our services (including your public profile, lists that you create), any postings by others that you republish, and even location data and registration data associated with these posts.

Information shared also includes information about you (including location data and registration data) that other people who use our services share about you.

"PHONE_STATE" is information about the state of the phone.  In the process of using the Walkie-Talkie function, we need to access READ_PHONE_STATE to get the current state of the phone, to determine whether the message can be played currently;  We never transmit confidential data (including READ_PHONE_STATE) for use in other applications;

We will never access data on a permission-protected device in an unauthorised way.


If you are using an Apple phone, to calculate your training level, we will receive and send your sports data from Apple Health with your permission.  To simplify your entry process, we read your weight data stored in Health.  At the same time, the training data generated by the Keep app will be synced with Apple's Health.  Any information obtained through the use of Health, such as weight and heart rate data, will not be shared or sold to third parties, including advertisers and other agents.  We will not use Health information for marketing, advertising and similar services.


We may use your information for any of the following purposes: To provide you with our services;  For customer service, security, fraud detection, archiving and backup purposes in connection with the provision of our services;  To provide you with advertising and direct marketing that is more relevant to you (as explained in more detail below in the "Direct Marketing" section);  To better understand how you access and use our services, in order to try to improve our services and respond to customer wishes and preferences, including customisation of language and location, personalised help and instructions, or other responses to your use and the from other clients of our services.

To help us develop our new services and improve our existing services;  To evaluate the effectiveness and improve advertising and other marketing and promotional activities on or in connection with our services when your account is subscribed to an official account.

To allow you to participate in surveys about our products and services.  If you participate in a survey, we may request certain personally identifiable information from you.  Participation in these surveys is voluntary and therefore you have the option of releasing this information or not.  We may use a third-party service provider to conduct these surveys and that third-party service provider will be prohibited from using your personally identifiable information for any other purpose.


  • We do not show personalised ads based on sensitive categories such as race, religion or health;
  • We will not share with advertisers information that can be used to identify you personally, such as your name or email address (unless you authorise it)
  • We will not sell your personal information to any third party at any time and under any circumstances, and we will only use the information obtained under this agreement to the extent permitted by law.  We will establish a strict policy to protect your personal information and will not disclose your information to third parties unless you have obtained your prior authorisation or otherwise stated in this statement.

Please note that in order to provide our users with a better experience and to improve our services and where you have given your consent, personal information collected through our site or service may, subject to the privacy controls of the user (where available), be used by our other services (including in an aggregate or individualised way).