LIVALL products occupy a special place in the market, as they have unique patents and several years of advantage over the competition.  Our exclusive mix of technology, performance and safety occupies a unique place in the sector and we are developing a network of distributors specialised in mobility, accessories and lifestyle.  Would you like to become a LIVALL distributor?  Take a look at the different collaboration modes and for more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


This format consists on a 3-year program where LIVALL Europe works together with the distributor partner to define quantities, sales channels, distribution paths and after-sales support for LIVALL helmets.


This model is based on the purchase made by the partner, which is made at a special distributor rate over a minimum order quantity (terms and conditions apply).  LIVALL Europe and the distributor partner define the sales channels and the strategy together.


The partner purchases directly from LIVALL Europe at a special reseller rate.

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