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LIVALL BH51M smart and safe urban cycle helmet – a multiple award winning model – is a multifunctional lightweight helmet that combines both safety and connectivity.

High-tech features such as automatic inductive LED safety lighting with 270° visibility including turn signal indicators, handlebar remote control, stereo speakers and Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone, makes this helmet perfect for the urban commute.

Listen to music on the go, answer phone calls remotely, and hear GPS sat nav directions while being safely aware of your surroundings, is possible because of the two built-in Bluetooth stereo speakers and windproof hands-free microphone.​

In the event of an accident, the LIVALL BH51M smart helmet, to make it even safer, has a built-in 3 – axis gyroscope that activates an SOS Alert on your smartphone that is sent to your designated contact along with your GPS location. Peace of mind for you and your friends and family.


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Automatic Inductive Lighting

When is dark, the BH51M uses inductive LED lighting that activates automatically. It has a smart lightning (LED bulbs) on the back of the helmet – which is controlled through the remote control –  that save energy and create stunning linear patterns when used to indicate the direction of the biker. To prevent any accidents, these smart cycle helmet lights are seen at a 270 degree view by those around the biker (road traffic), which warns them of their presence during the day and night time.

Hands free phone calling

Utilising the Windbreak Microphone and Bluetooth Speakers, you can answer or make hands-free phone calls on the go. The -42dB array microphone means that your voice can be heard clearly by the receiver even when you are riding up to around 60KM/h.

Master control system

● Stable Bluetooth Connection

● Automatic Identification on Target

● IPX4-Waterproof

SOS Alert

Immediate notification of your accident to your family is exceptionally important.

In the event of an accident the SOS Alert function sends the riders Google map location to their pre-selected emergency contacts. The helmet senses that the rider has fallen off their bike and a 90 second countdown is triggered, that if not cancelled will send the alert. Keeping family, friends and loved ones connected at a time of need, this is truly one of the safest bike helmets on the market. This feature requires the user’s smartphone to have GPS function enabled.

(Connection to LIVALL RIDING App through the internet is required)

Fashion Trend

● Hi-tech Device in Vintage Look
● Handmade PU Leather Brim
● Modern Urbanity

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L = 57 – 61 cm, M = 54 – 58 cm