Our Award Winning Design for Smart Helmets


With a detachable visor: Aimed at mountain biking and complex conditions, the helmet comes with a visor that protects against tree branches, prevents water from getting into your eyes, and shields you from strong direct sunlight. The helmet visor has passed the aerodynamic testing, providing you with a more comfortable riding experience.


With two sizes: M with head circumference 54-58 cm. and L with head circumference 58-62 cm. Both are totally adjustable, regardless of your head shape, the 360-degree revolving adjuster can secure the smart riding helmet on your head firmly, keeping you safe and confortable.


On the road – with the advanced Bluetooth speaker –  you will enjoy a high quality music without the help of any other device. You can also make a clearly call and protect personal privacy without interrupting the cycling experience. 

Use your walkie-talkie function on the

LIVALL Riding  and without distance limits, on the mountain terrain – even with complex environments – you can achieve a proper communication between your riding group.

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