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Bought one of these for when I ride my bicycle, but have found it is also excellent when riding my electric bike. Having the built in speakers means I get constant updates on my speed, distance, and also battery level. Yes it is expensive, but worth every penny.

Thanks for your great review! I’ve just ordered a helmet. If only every cyclist could have one, the indicator feature alone might well help save lives.

This helmet is the best I’ve ever bought. I feel its well worth the money. I use it for my Ninebot Max. The speakers are nice and loud, not quality sound by any stretch but it works! The remote works like a champ with turn signals and even a button to take pictures on your phone. I like the fact that you can choose the speed that the lights blink. Overall great purchase!

Smart Helmet

The helmet arrived a day before its scheduled deliver day which was a nice surprise. It’s is very light weight connection to my phone and my watch was very easy the fit is adjustable so it’s perfect and it is very comfortable to ware. The lights work perfectly and the sound quality is great for a bike helmet. I ride Alone so this gives me a sense of security that makes my ride easy to enjoy.

Helmet is awesome

Helmet is awesome. However the magnetic charging cable doesnt work well. Seems to be not consistant on the connection during charge. Able to resend a cable? Problem has been resolved as seller send a new cable, service are excellent, top notch!! Give it a try and you will know that they are very service-oriented.

Livall Helmet Review

This is my third bike helmet in only 4 months, probably my last one. This one actually fits my head really well, has a chin strap I really like, great back lights and a sound system! The sound isn’t stereo quality, how can it be, but it’s not bad and I’m happy with it. I bought the additional controller for something like $40.00 and I probably didn’t need to. The controller works well, the turn signals are great, I had a guy come up behind me at a light yesterday and he told me out his window that the turn signal was great! I love the app, it tells me each mile I travel over the speakers, and other things if I want. It tracks where I go and gives me great stats including altitude climbed which in San Francisco is really handy. I’m commuting to work about 15 miles a day plus side trips so I’m really enjoying comparing the different routes I take using the app. I’ll probably never use a lot of the features though.

One more thing. The visor comes down very low and I find I’m not constantly squinting my eyes as I drive home into the sun! I’m really happy with that!! I wish it had better vents, and I may actually make some small air scoops and glue them on the top to force some air to my head. Also, if this had a clear or polarized face shield that could be slid down it would be the most perfect thing ever! Alas…

If my wife gets a bike I’m buying her this helmet, then we’d be able to make use of the intercom system. When my kid gets older this is what she’ll be wearing for sure!

I’ve been a bike rider for only 6 months and it’s frustrating trying to find the right gear since stores carry so little now. I wish I’d bought this one first.

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