LIVALL opens its first physical store in Madrid

LIVALL opens its first physical store in Madrid: “It is not a helmet store, it is a space to experience a new concept of mobility based on technology”

 LIVALL smart helmets incorporate a fall-detection  SOS system (a patent that is  unique in the world) as well as  turn signals and brake light, anti-theft, voice command assistant and hands-free to answer calls without having to release the handlebar.  In addition, it is resistant to rain, cold weather  and extreme sun irradiation.  “LIVALL was born with one goal: to redefine road safety.  It will allow the safe coexistence of cyclists and e-scooter riders with the rest of the vehicles that participate on the transport grid,  facilitated by  the new technologies integrated into our smart helmets ”, points out Manu Marín, Cofounder LIVALL and CEO LIVALL Europe.

 On September 6, the LIVALL Store will open its doors  at the Plaza Norte 2 Shopping Center, in San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid), its first  physical point of sale worldwide, where you can interact with the technology brought forward  by these Smart Helmets .

 The Spanish Traffic Authorities   have  included the company in its DGT 3.0 working group, in order to develop use-cases for the connectivity of smart helmets with its Mobility Management Cloud  for all sorts of vehicles, and to study user expectations regarding improvements on their  personal protection.

 At the next 2022 edition of CES in Las Vegas (the world’s leading event in technology), LIVALL plans to present the MC1 smart motorcycle helmet, as well as  new colorways  for the BH51NEO urban helmet and RS1 ski and other surprises that cannot yet be revealed..

 Madrid, September 6, 2021.- 2020 closed with 36 cyclist fatalities, of which 36% did not wear helmets, according to the data of the DGT,placing  these athletes as the most vulnerable users of the road since , in the event of an accident, are more likely to suffer serious injuries.

 The market is expanding and it is already possible to find Spanish innovation that aims to protect their personal  integrity.  LIVALL bets  on a differentiating,  disruptive technology that focuses primarily  on improving the cyclist’s visibility, although these helmets go way further in terms of safety.  “Traditional helmets only protect you  in the event of an accident, but today’s rider deserves a smarter helmet, with active protection that helps prevent collisions before they occur, and today this is possible thanks to  our helmets and the Ai platform. LIVALL Connect ”, says Manu Marín, cofounder and CTO of LIVALL and CEO of LIVALL Europe.

 This company offers cutting-edge technology and human talent at the service of society and the industrial sector: “We want to continue to be a benchmark in road safety.  In fact, we started in September as part of a “DGT” (Spanish Traffic Authorities) working-group,  to define the regulation of smart helmets and the expectations of users regarding their personal protection.  During our short history, we have strongly committed to technological innovation and design, developing over  a hundred international patents and bringing  to the market  multi-award-winning products in design and technology, although the greatest reward  for LIVALL is having already saved three lives on the road thanks to at your service of SOS Alarm.  In short, at  LIVALL we are defining  a before and an after in the way we understand personal protection in daily traffic ”.

 “We have always been clear that mobility, in addition to being safe, will need to be connected to and respectful with the rest of the elements of the cities (cars, motorcycles, scooters …).  This  is why we believe that the Smart Helmet is the solution: it is not a passive element like a traditional helmet, but a device capable of anticipating accidents, encouraging people to go mountain-biking without feeling alone and, above all, should any  unforeseen events arise, it will be able to send out  your location to ensure immediate assistance ”, explains Marín.

 LIVALL opens its first physical store in Madrid: “It is not a helmet store, it is a space to experience a new mobility concept based on technology”

The LIVALL Store, located in the Plaza Norte 2 Shopping Center, in San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid), is the first physical point of sale worldwide, but it will not be the last. It is planned that, in the short term, during the next year, LIVALL will expand its network with stores in Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Lisbon.  And in 2023 it will be followed by Paris, London and other European cities.  The idea is to reach at least 10 countries over  the next four years.

 LIVALL Store is a space to ‘touch the technology’, in which users can experience the different functionalities of the products, such as the  interaction of the remote control with the helmet lights, the walkie talkie, group talk, and SOS alarm functions as well as  Siri, voice-command, etc.  Above all, you will be able to experience  the safety and differentiating factor of LIVALL helmets whether you are in the city, on a mountain trail  or while skiing.

 In the physical store, customers will be able to access a dedicated area, called Genius LIVALL, in which they can be helped to configure and  personalise their helmet , so that when they leave the store they can start using it right away.  “Although the helmet is very intuitive, we want to give this support to our users.  We are also creating LIVALL Ambassador, a network where elite athletes will give us their feedback.  The LIVALL Store is not a helmet store, it is a space where you can experience a new concept of mobility based on technology ”, says Marín.

 Much more than a helmet: LIVALL EVO21 Smart Helmet

 LIVALL has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, sale and technical support of helmets.  They are backed by their more than 7 years putting products out  on the market and complying with the strict regulations of each country, in addition to the European EU, American UL, Chinese CCS and other technology-specific certificates such as RoHS, EN1078 CPSC1203 etc.  The result is a product resistant to rain —with IPX5 certification for water— and capable of absorbing the most violent blows, without giving up being light and allowing proper ventilation.  However, what makes it different is the amount of additional equipment it offers.  It also does it in an unobtrusive and, above all, configurable and intuitive way .

 Without a doubt, the most remarkable part  is its intelligent functions.  It has a rear light that serves to position ourselves in front of the rest of the vehicles and drivers.  LIVALL EVO21 Smart Helmet has motion sensors that detect braking in order to immediately increase the intensity of the light , to show that we are reducing the speed of the bicycle.  

In addition, if we use it together with the remote control that completes the equipment, which we can install on the handlebar, we can use the lights as turning signals, to indicate if we turn left or right.  Finally, one of its most important functionalities: it has a very complete SOS function, an exclusive worldwide patent, capable of detecting falls and that via connection to our smartphone, it allows you to send an SMS to the emergency contact number  configured in the app in less than 90 seconds.  The message displays a link to google maps showing where the injured person is.  The entire process is automatic, , in case the user is unconscious, which facilitates their prompt location and assistance.

 Turnover target: 2.5 million in the first year

 LIVALL has exceeded all of its sales forecasts: “My intention was closing our first year with 1 million in sales.  However, only in the first 6 months we have made 1.5 million euros, so we are on track to meet a new goal of 2.5 million euros in this first year. Most importantly: we have closed over  10 million euros in contracts for the next three years.  We are already in the UK, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Cyprus, Greece, Switzerland… We will soon start in  France, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Romania.  Although there is still a lot of territory to  conquer ”.  As if that were not enough, LIVALL HQ global has closed the first semester with 9 million euros in sales and a forecast of 18 million by the end of the year, as well as more than 40 million in contracts for the next three years, with sales in Latin America, Australia or New Zealand. 

 Winners of the iF GOLD AWARD 2021 and AXA Ponle Freno awards

 The Spanish company has been present at the most important technology fairs in the world, from the CES in Las Vegas to the IFA in Berlin.  They have also received distinctions, including several iF Awards, the latest being the iF GOLD AWARD 2021, the highest award in the world of design.  They were also awarded by AXA Ponle Freno, for their commitment to personal protection in transport and their technological contribution to road safety.  “We have had  testimonials from three clients who wanted to thank us for the LIVALL helmet saving  their lives thanks to the SOS alarm service.  Owing  to this system, they were found and rescued in time.  As a result of this recognition, the insurer AXA  is incorporating our helmets into its commercial life and accident insurance offer ”, highlights Manu Marín.  “The IF is one of the most prestigious awards in product design and we have won it with our latest EVO21 smart helmet.  We were already happy with reaching the final, as there are more than 30,000 products registered.  Reaching a selection of 300 companies and products was already a prize, but being among the finalists and  winning the Gold was a great joy.  They defined it as “the new era of smart mobility.”  Our next planned launch, at CES in Las Vegas 2022, will be the  presentation of  the MC1 smart motorcycle helmet, as well as new colourways  for the BH51NEO urban helmet and the RS1 ski helmet, among other surprises that we cannot yet reveal.

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