LIVALL RIDING is the application that gives to you better experiences on your cycling trips.

LIVALL RIDING for Android 

Version: 3.3.9 | Price: Free


Version: 3.3.9 | Price: Free

The cycling trips are easier to register now, because this app keeps track of every riding data and you can sharing it with any friend that you want.

Group-Riding features makes that any ride will be a unic experience and you can learn the real time locations of your group and never being delayed regarding your mates.

This version is totally compatible with Bluetooth and the connection of your Helmet and your Jet is so easy.

You can have a perfect coordination and communication on an instant way with your friends and get the exactly reports instantely.

You can have any recording of your cycling route and your datas, with no deviations, and you can sharing it.

The double GPS positioning correction algorithm guarantees that you will always be on the right way. 


is the application that gives to you better experiences when you practice your favourite snow sport. 


Version: 2.4.1 | Price: Free


Version: 2.4.1 | Price: Free

To do callings to our groups of skiing, with only one click is the easy way to make our communications and enjoy much more.
Communicating automatically and get the exact information directly is possible now.

This version incorporates Bluetooth connection to the Skiing Helmet RS1, to have the best experiences.

Begin now your skiing trips the easy way, save your own snow descents information and share the best moments with your buddies.

Group skiing

One-click group, easy to talk to partners, real-time communication, enjoy the fun of communication in the skiing


One key to answer the important phone in the skiing, want to slide slippery

Skiing Records

Record your ski real-time data, including the max slope/ drop/ max speed/ average speed/ current altitude/runs of trips and other data, share skiing record with your friends.


Quickly connect Smart Skiing Helmet, easier to communicate with other friends

Quickly set the channel

APP quick setting, enter more easily, choose more convenient.

What configuration for smart phones is applicable for LIVALL APP?

To use LIVALL APP normally, the operation system version for your smart phone must be Android 4.3 above or ios 7.0.4 above. The APP also requires Bluetooth 4.0.

Where can I download LIVALL APP?

For iOS operation system, you could download it freely on the APP Store. For Android operation system, you could download it freely on Google Play.You can also download it freely on our official website (