BH51M NEO PonleFreno
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  • BH51M NEO PonleFreno
  • BH51M NEO PonleFreno

BH51M NEO PonleFreno

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Avenues, bike lanes, bridges, parks, roads ... take ownership of the asphalt with BH51M Neo. Total control over your environment with all of the smart security technology LIVALL has to offer . Three levels of active protection: Visibility, Communication, Rescue. There's a reason why BH51M Neo is the most awarded smart helmet.


 The LIVALL front lighting system exponentially increases the user's visibility in traffic; Combined with the taillight system it offers maximum visibility.The helmet features an accelerometer that uses gravity to detect vehicle deceleration, activating the automatic  braking lights for 8 seconds at a time.With flashing lights operated from the control center anchored to the handlebar, you no longer have to reduce control of your vehicle to indicate a change of direction. With LIVALL you are in control at all times.


Thanks to stereo speakers, which project sound above the ear without blocking it, and a windproof microphone, the user can take calls, receive voice navigation or traffic and weather alerts, without the worry of having to let go of the handlebar at any times, and complying strictly  with the new regulations of the Spanish Traffic Authorities.


All LIVALL technology works together to provide a sophisticated SOS system. In the event of an accident or fall, if the user becomes incapacitated or unconscious the helmet automatically emits an semergency signal and sends out the position of the injured person via  GPS to their pre’established emergency contacts, or to their insurance company. This system has already proven its effectiveness saving lives, which is why LIVALL received in 2021 the AXA Ponle Freno, a  distinction with which the insuring giant rewards innovation in improving the conditions of transportation safety.


Thanks to its high definition speakers incorporated in the chassis, LIVALL is ahead of the new DGT regulations, providing maximum connectivity and a level of safety that is light years away from what a traditional helmet can offer. Enjoy your playlist on spotify or the latest podcast without obstructing your ear canal, always being alert.

Connect with your group… and with the world!

With the LIVALL Riding APP you have access to:

  • Live shared location of your group. Stay in touch with your group even if you fall behind or run forward.
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Compatible with Strava, iHealth y Siri
  • Coordinate and communicate instantly with your friends
  • Save your route and share it at will.
  • GPS navigation. Always follow the right path!

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