2021 has been an especially fruitful year for the Tres Cantos-based firm. Among the milestones that the company led by Manu Marin has added to its credit, are the opening, in the Madrid Plaza Norte 2 shopping center, of the first physical point of sale in the world dedicated to the smart helmet, as well as the opening of its distribution logistics centre (soon to be a production centre as well ) in Albacete.

As if this were not enough, LIVALL has been awarded in 2021 with the Gold iF Award, the highest distinction in the world of design for its first helmet conceived in Spain, as well as the Ponle Freno award that the AXA insurer grants to those companies whose efforts innovation have had a significant impact on improving transport safety conditions. Also significant is the push for B2V (Bicycle to Other Vehicles) communication technology to improve the interaction between cars, bicycles and scooters and save even more lives, through the business association AiL, of which LIVALL is a part.

Discounts for these smart helmets on the occasion of Black Friday

It seems understandable that at LIVALL we are proud of the work done and want to celebrate it with a daring and aggressive discount campaign that presents a unique opportunity to obtain cutting-edge technology products that provide the user with an incomparable degree of safety and performance.

In this sense, since November 15, LIVALL has kicked off two weeks of unrepeatable offers on its range of smart helmets. Offers that reach 35% off the usual price, a snip that is sure to delight many cyclists, skaters and riders.

Smart helmets, the brand's flagship product, send the traditional helmet into the exile of obsolescence. While the traditional helmet offers passive protection that shields the user in the event of an impact, the smart helmet anticipates the accident to save lives. With more than 170 unique patents, the LIVALL smart helmet incorporates acceleration and gravity sensors, LED lights, stereo speakers, and windproof. microphone, bluetooth connection, handlebar remote control and high-performance materials.

This translates into features such as automatic brake and position lights, direction indicator lights without having to let go of the handlebar, hands-free phone calls, voice navigation or a sophisticated SOS system that has already saved lives; automatically sending a distress signal to the emergency contacts established by the user, accompanied by the position of the injured person via GPS.

LIVALL offers specialized helmets for city, road and mountain, understanding that each user is different and requires a product adjusted to their needs. With the Black Friday campaign, LIVALL wants to give the opportunity to obtain its most technological products to all users, starting with the urban superhero; the BH51 M Neo, the ideal companion for bike lane boaters, electric scooter riders, and anyone who faces the traffic of our cities every day.

We are a dynamic and non-conformist company that puts cutting-edge technology and human talent at the service of society and the industrial sector and aims to continue being a reference in the sector. To achieve this desire they rely on inventiveness, investment in innovation, and less short-term thinking.

However, to buy a LIVALL smart helmet at an extraordinary price you don't have to wait, just visit the LIVALL store in the Plaza Norte 2 shopping center in San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid) or visit our website.